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Securing WinXP Step 1
Securing WinXP Step 2

Computer Security

Security Tips for Users

In an effort to help users secure their computers, Castle McCall will periodically post free security tips. Since Microsoft Windows XP is the most common desktop operating system in use at this time, our focus will be on securing Windows XP.

While these tips are written about Windows XP, most of them can be applied to all Microsoft operating systems, but the details may be slightly different.

Windows XP Security - Step 1 - Visit the Microsoft Update Web Site

Windows XP is the most secure of the Windows desktop operating systems to date, but it is not without its faults. Vulnerabilities are being discovered constantly, so to ensure your computerís security you need to get the patches, fixes and updates that Microsoft releases periodically. Microsoft has made this easy for you with the Microsoft Update Web Site.  read more...

Windows XP Security - Step 2 - Automate Microsoft Updates

Since vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in Windows XP, Microsoft periodically releases patches, fixes and updates. While it is possible to visit the Microsoft Update web site once a month, once a week, or better yet, once a day, most users would rather spend their computer time doing more productive or enjoyable things.  read more...

Castle McCall Computer Security Services

Your computers and network are very powerful tools that you rely on everyday. The data that they hold is the life blood of your small business or organization.

A breach in security can destroy your computer and data, costing you thousands of dollars to repair or recover. If the data was of a sensitive nature, with customer credit card information or other personal information, you may be held liable in a civil court, costing thousands more.

Security Essentials

Castle McCall can assist small businesses and organizations in the Oklahoma City Metro Area with acquiring, installing and configuring all of the Security Essentials on desktop computers (PCs) and Windows Servers.

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